Evidence of Love, Kanye West Buy Bra Worth US $ 5 million to Kim Kardashian

VIRALGO.TK - Kanye West seems to know exactly how to spoil a woman's heart. As is known, 38-year-old man often provide surprises and expensive precious the gifts for his wife, Kim Kardashian.

This also applies when Kim birthday 35th on Wednesday (21/10). The Stronger hitmaker held a surprise party by renting a luxury cinema in the California complete with a fancy birthday cake.

According to one source in Ok! Magazine, that was not all that special gift given Kanye. The source revealed that Kim also get a gift in the form of bra for US $ 5 million.

kanye west and kim kardashian
kanye west and kim kardashian

Not carelessly indeed because the bra reportedly branded Victoria's Secret. Which makes the bra is very expensive is a gem and diamond are put there.

"Kanye gave her bra for U $$ 5 million dollars a draft of Victoria's Secret. Bra was decorated with precious stones like diamonds".

Furthermore, the same source also revealed that Kim was happy to get the prize. But, on the other hand he also felt not wait for the new can wear the bra after childbirth.

Unfortunately until now Kim and Kanye still has not shown how the appearance of the bra. But according Gossipcop, they will not show off bra it was a fake because the narrative source.