Women's So Famous on the Internet Due to Wear Dress Minion At Reunion

VIRALGO.TK - For many students, high school reunion be a good time to wear the best dress that they have or want. Some also underwent a beauty treatment in order to look more attractive appearance among old friends.

But it does not apply to a woman named Daisy Maddox one muris at Crescenta Valley High School. She did not want to dress like a woman most beautiful. Instead of that, she had to run the gauntlet of his friends to make his appearance so unforgettable.

Women's So Famous on the Internet Due to Wear Dress Minion At Reunion
Daisy Maddox

About a month ago, a close friend named Daisy Ally Miller wrote on her Twitter account that she promised to wear a yellow dress image Minion that if he managed to collect 15,000 retweets. But it was not just 15,000 but 20,000 retweet she received, and she finally bought dress tutu Minion actual image is small children clothing for ages 3-8 years.

"If I may be honest, I was very nervous for the reunion. But my best friend told me I was very brave to wear dress Minion and he said I would have a pleasant time," she said in an interview with the media.

Daisy continued, "Fortunately he was right. Dancing her so exceptional and everyone liked my costume." After the party, on Twitter, she wrote: "This reunion made me feel like a princess."

While there is still plenty of time to prepare the other dresses in the event the next dance, she has felt pressure to make people shocked by his appearance later.

"Yes, I have some ideas for next year's reunion even for the prom. But I want to make it a surprise now!"