10 Secret Code Guy That Women Should Understand

VIRALGO.TK - Usually the girl who always wants to be understood guy. But it's time for you girls also need to understand what the guy actually mean when they say 13 this:

1. The guy said: "I want you ngajak ya. But there is a fear that angry. "The real meaning: "Actually, you already have a boyfriend yet?"

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2. The guy said: "I am again looking for a friend to confide in ya."The real meaning: "I want to know you more."

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3. The guy said: "If you like, I'll buy it again."
The real meaning: "I will buy again if no money left over."

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4. The word guy: "Do not bother me. I again want to own. "
The real meaning: "I want each other again."

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5. The word guy: "You are not tired? I want massage? "The real meaning: "I want to touch you."

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6. The guy said: "Long story. Later aja me the story. "The real meaning: "Again ngebahas lazy about it."

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7. The guy said: "Now, I'm not thinking about going out first."
The real meaning: "I'm not going out with you."

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8. The word guy: "Well really. Passable lah. "
The real meaning: "Nothing special."

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9. The word guy: "I'm not still ngarepin you, but I'm not willing you are going out with the wrong people"
The real meaning: "I'm not willing you had a new girlfriend."

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10. The word guy: "I do not like your behavior like that."
The real meaning: "I really do not like seeing you like that !!!"

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