5 Most Beautiful Chef Indonesian Women & Sexy

VIRALGO.TK - Woman's appeal is not just rely on his face only pretty, but also because of the ability to cook! Some say from the eye down to the heart, but rather, is from the stomach down to ... the heart!

Of course, as any man would be directly klepek-klepek same beautiful woman and knows how to cook and serve a delicious meal. If today you are still reluctant to learn to cook, we see how the chef Indonesia 5 can attract many people not only because of his appearance, but also because of the ability to cook!

1. Karen Charlotta
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Pretty Chef was born in Jakarta on August 1, 1982 after completing his education did not spot immediately became chef tablets. He previously worked at the bank for several months, but did not seem to like to have decided to resign. When it is, it involves the hobby and passion, which is cooking. It was not immediately proficient, until Chef Karen took cooking school in Singapore. There he continued to hone his skills to never enter the competition and won the bronze medal.

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Seeing these achievements, Chef Karen acquainted with the owner Bakerzin and Rakuzen, Chef Andi Kusnadi and Maxi. They then create a private dining berpatner for the company, socialite or officials. From there, the woman who was familiarly called KC was believed to be a chef for a cooking show on television commercials as well as spices. Chef KC is now managing the restaurant in Plaza Senayan Union specifically for pastry dishes.

2. Winnie Dwi Gandini Kusuma Wardhani

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If the chef this one may often see in a television cooking program Indonesia. Yes, Chef familiarly called Chef Winnie is indeed since childhood has enjoyed the culinary world, even then, he likes to help eyangnya cooking in the kitchen with a menu mainstay chicken curry! 5 th grade time Chef Winnie often experimenting in cooking, his first experiments are "Sprouts Ethiopia" because the color is so black.

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Not only that, Chef Winnie with passion in the culinary world have made it crossed the globe to England to Melbourne, Australia. It also has a restaurant in Jakarta, catering businesses in Australia and open a cooking class practices.

3. Rinrin Marinka

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Chef Marinka also may be familiar to women lovers cooking program "Master Chef Indonesia". Chef Marinka which is present as a juror in the program initially also fairly common in cooking. But he often learn from magazines, cookbooks and other sources. Chef Marinka not give up easily, he continued to experiment various dishes and cakes.

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Years explore the science perkulineran abroad, Chef Marinka returned to Indonesia. Therefore, not infrequently he often appeared on television, both as a judge and as a guest star in a cooking demo. Can be a judge in a Master Chef Indonesia no easy matter, because another chef, Juna is not arbitrary to pick a jury in the program. Well, it means that handsome Chef Juna it recognizes the skill of Chef Marinka, dong.

4. Farah Quinn
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This one would have been familiar in the community. Chef Farah Quinn. Yes, Chef's famous not only alone but sexy chef "kebule-bulean" is indeed often use English while cooking. Not only English only, the terms of culinary and food in other foreign languages too often he had to say. This is because Chef Farah Quinn is a graduate of the Culinary Institute Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA who once started a career as a chef at Lidia's Pittsburgh, a special pastry restaurant there.

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Therefore often see the Chef Farah Quinn very reliable to make a cake that is funny and unique. But surely Chef Farah Quinn can also cook other types of cuisine are equally tasty. So delicious, Chef Farah Quinn never dipersunting Caucasians, right? hehe ...

5. Aiko Sarwosri

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Chef pretty berkelahiran This field is hooked with chili, so he has his own recipe mainstay of the sauce. But actually, Aiko Sarwosri Isra or commonly called Chef Aiko is true not aspire to become a chef or cook. He even had to pursue the modeling world since childhood, and make it known as a model that also falls in the acting world.

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Chef Aiko was eager to hone skills to become a professional chef cook. But have not had time to realize it, he was offered the casting to guide private television cooking show, Kitchen Pretty in early 2011. It turned out that he really enjoyed it. Interestingly, when usually the chef uses apron while cooking, Chef Aiko likes to use a fashionable dress so that it is often dubbed as the sexy chef. (For women who want to cook, do not forget to wear clothes so beautiful, ya.)

Well from the story above, it can be concluded that the ability to cook can be a plus point for women! But other than that what else ya? What creative girl, what else can discover new things that are useful! It seems it would also be attractive to men!