Caught stealing, this man's forehead in tattoos

VIRALGO.TK - Beaten or beaten to be battered by the masses is a punishment always found by the perpetrators of criminal acts.

But this time, there are different punishments nan unique to the perpetrators.

That is by way of tattooing his forehead with writing that somewhat embarrassing.

This is done by a tattoo artist named Maycon Wesley from Brazil.

Wesley has managed to catch a bicycle thief from a man without a foot.

Wesley then seated the offender in the chair and began to tattoo a sentence on his forehead.

No mess, Wesley's writing is embarrassing.

The words were written in Portuguese, "Eu sou ladrão e vacilão" which means "I am a thief and a loser".

But nahas, Wesley's decision to do that instead became a 'boomerang' for him.

Wesley and his friend Ronildo Moreira de Araujo were arrested the day after he tattooed the teenager's forehead.

They were arrested on charges of torture.

This came after Wesley's tattooed video of the perpetrator's forehead was widely circulated on social media, and later reported by the perpetrator's family.