This couple is not shy, they make love in the plane

VIRALGO.TK - Not long ago, the unpleasant incident occurred at Ryanair airline.

Improper action was instantly witnessed by the passengers of other aircraft.

Among them are Kieran Williams, 21, and Preston, Lancashire.

"I heard them talking about it but I thought they were kidding, we all laughed but ten minutes later they actually did it," Kieran said after the man asked if anyone had a condom.
"You can see the girl taking off her pants and she pulls her pants up and she starts riding on them," she continued.

Although the passengers were made laughing at the love couples act, but in fact there is also one passenger who was disturbed and tried to ask the cabin crew to be moved.
"A woman sat down beside them and she stood up and asked if she could be moved.Rightly twenty minutes after the incident, someone complained about it, but the crew did not do anything," explained Kieran.

Allegedly, the couple is having a heavy hangover .

Even so, but his actions must still be accounted for and the possibility of both will be imposed sanctions.
"We will not tolerate behavior that is out of control, annoying or inappropriate at all times and any passengers who seem to behave unacceptably may be responsible for further sanctions," said a spokeswoman from Ryanair.