This Doctor Surprised Seeing The Great Object Discovered In The Stomach Of The Patient Underwent This

VIRALGO.TK - The world of medicine is shocked by terrible "things" from within the patient's body.

The incident started when a 22-year-old patient came to the Shanghai People's Hospital in China.

He complained to the doctor with a terrible pain in his stomach. In fact, to his surprise, the patient came with a swollen belly like a large pregnant woman.

After doing the examination, the doctor finally decided to operate on the stomach. It took three hours, until finally the team of surgeons issued the "thing" which is the main cause of the pain.

The "thing" in question is none other than the organ of his own body, the gut.

Yes, his gut had been suffering from severe constipation for years. And this is what ultimately makes the patient's stomach to swell.

How not to swollen, the problematic bowel alone has a size of 30 inches weighing 13 Kg.

Allegedly, the patient was born with Hirschsprung (HD) disease, a condition that affects the colon (colon) and causes problems associated with the sewerage process.

In infants, the disease is caused by nerve cells that are missing in the muscles of the baby's intestine.

As for signs of this disease, such as failure to pass meconium within 48 hours, abdominal swell, and vomit green (bile). If your baby has one of them, then go to your doctor immediately.